HitFilm Pro 4.0.5103.05403 Crack is an application designed for non-linear video editing (including materials with 4K resolution) and create animations and special effects. The tool can be successfully used both to create short films as well as to larger production including documentaries, music videos, etc.

The most important function HitFilm Pro 4.0.5103.05403 serial is certainly the opportunity to work on an unlimited number of audio and video tracks, the option to create an animation, mixing 2D and 3D composition and finally add special effects. To work with the program, you can use the most popular formats of video, audio and graphics. M HitFilm support. Al. formats such as WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV and MXF. In the case of back-FX creator they gave us the disposal of more than 180 effects. The database contains such basic filters as adding transitions, effects blur, mosaic on the ability to generate rain, fire, snow, explosions, etc.

HitFilm Pro 4.0.5103.05403 keygen also offers a set of professional color editing filters that allow you to create a suitable climate for the selected shots. The authors have prepared nearly 30 ready color effects (HDR, 70 years, Matrix, etc.) That can be dragged directly onto the clip. They can be both the end result and the starting point for further editing.

Edit 3D compositing implemented in HitFilm Pro resembles to a large extent made solutions even in the tool Adobe After Effects. Virtual 3D camera work realistically and the depth of field is generated based on the distance from the lens layers. The program also offers the ability to create 3D shadows, generate molecules activate the effect of motion blur for layers of 2D and 3D, creating masks and realistic lights, importing data from applications 3D camera tracking and much more.


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